Multi-Mission Imaging Systems for Air, Land, and Sea

AVT Australia’s imaging systems are suitable for a range of operations, providing our customers with innovative technology to adapt from one mission to the next.

Aerial Imaging Systems

Delivering the Highest Performance in ISR for the Lowest Size and Form Factor



Accurate long-range EO/IR imagery for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR).

Border Protection AVT Australia

Border Protection

Low power, multi-sensor solutions for persistent border security operations.

Law Enforcement AVT Australia

Law Enforcement

Lightweight imaging systems for accurate object detection, identification, tracking, and locating.

Search And Rescue AVT Australia

Search and Rescue

Cover more ground and identify objects from long ranges.

Emergency Response AVT Australia

Emergency Response

Multi-spectral imaging systems for effective disaster management and emergency response operations.

Search And Rescue AVT Australia

Wildlife Management

Imaging solutions for research, poaching control, and migration and population monitoring.

Wildfire Management AVT Australia

Bushfire Management

Crisp LWIR imagery for rapid hotspot detection.

Ground Systems

Ground Imaging Systems and Fully Integrated Solutions

Operator Assist AVT Australia

Counter UAS

Field-proven imaging systems and fully integrated solutions to effectively combat one or multiple sUAS threats.

Force Protection AVT Australia

Force Protection

Fully integrated systems for force protection on-the-move.

Critical Infrastructure AVT Australia

Critical Infrastructure Security

Accurate perimeter surveillance at day and night.

Marine Imaging Systems

Reliable All-Weather Imaging Systems Optimised for the Marine Environment

Marine Law Enforcement AVT Australia

Search and Rescue

Rugged EO/IR imaging systems for maritime search and rescue operations.

Marine Asset Protection AVT Australia

Maritime Asset Protection

Maritime optics and fully integrated solutions to protect assets at sea.

Coastal Surveillance AVT Australia

Maritime Security and Patrol

High-performance imaging systems for maritime security, law enforcement, patrols and border control operations.

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