AVT Australia Releases On-Gimbal Automated Object Recognition for ISR

AVT Australia, a CACI company, is releasing its on-gimbal automated object recognition as a standard feature for the CM62 Micro Gimbal Family. The CM62 sets a new standard in ISR payloads by combining the CM62’s EO and IR high-quality imagery with automated object recognition all within an IP67-rated 260g payload. All processing is performed 100% on the gimbal, with no additional hardware required.

Automated object recognition speeds up decision making to allow the operator to focus on the important things, reducing operator workload and increasing mission autonomy. This feature highlights both stationary and moving objects, such as people, vehicles, aircraft, and boats, on screen for easier recognition during an ISR mission. Up to 20 objects can be recognised on screen at one time and can be customised to suit mission requirements.

“This is about assisting operators in the quality and speed of their decision making,” said Dale Heinken, President & Managing Director of AVT Australia. “Operators can quickly discern between a multitude of tracks on a screen to find the ones that interest them. By making this a standard feature, all operators of a CM62 have this capability available to them with no additional hardware.”

AVT Australia’s Automated Object recognition capabilities will be a new standard feature on all CM62 gimbal configurations. You can learn more at www.ascentvision.com.au/cm62 or by contacting sales@ascentvision.com.au.

AVT Australia is a leading supplier of lightweight, gyro-stabilised imaging systems for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) and target acquisition operations. Recognised for expertise in advanced engineering services, AVT Australia is a trusted supplier of imaging solutions for Australian defence customers and international customers, with systems supporting operations in over 50 countries.

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