CM202 Gimbal

The CM262 is an advanced ground-based imaging system, combining four sensor configurations into a compact and ruggedised <16kg package for counter-small uncrewed aircraft system (C-sUAS) and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) operations.


Maximum Identification – The CM262 incorporates high-definition electro-optical (EO) imagery, high definition mid-wave infrared (MWIR) imagery, short-wave (SWIR), and a laser range finder (LRF) to provide accurate, long endurance ISR and target acquisition day or night.


All-Weather and Environment – The CM262 has an IP68 rating for reliability in all-weather conditions and environments, facilitating greater flexibility in deployment and operation.


On-the-Move Performance – The CM262 is optimised for on-the-move land operations and includes a cutting-edge video processor to deliver superior performance at high speeds.


  • High-definition EO and MWIR
  • SWIR
  • Laser range finder
  • 16kg total weight
  • IP68 rating

Suitable Missions

  • Counter UAS
  • On-the-Move ISR
  • Border Protection

Standard Features

AVT Australia’s imaging systems include the following features as standard.

Multi-Sensor Streaming

Onboard Video Encoding and Recording

Object Tracking


Roll Stabilisation

Scene Steering


Designed & Developed in Australia

User-Friendly Command and Control

Pre-Sale & Post-Sale Technical Support

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