The X-MADIS is a powerful full-spectrum counter small uncrewed aerial system (C-sUAS) for reliable protection against hostile sUAS and drone swarms. Incorporating radar for detection, a multi-spectral imaging system for positive identification, and an electronic warfare system for defeat, the X-MADIS provides a seamless and rapid kill-chain to combat hostile sUAS. All components are seamlessly integrated using our specialised CUAS Suite, a user-friendly command-and-control (C2) interface.

X-MADIS is a field-proven capability that provides critical C-UAS capabilities to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and international allies. AVT Australia is the regional supplier of the X-MADIS for customers in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.




Key Features

  • Detects, locates, tracks, identifies, and defeats sUAS
  • Can combat individual sUAS or drone swarm
  • Provides a complete “soft-kill” solution against nano, micro, and mini-size UAS
  • Ruggedised to perform in high heat and humid conditions
  • An intuitive, adaptable, and customisable user-friendly command-and-control (C2) interface
  • Ideal for operation in urban, rural, and littoral environments

The X-MADIS Family

X-MADIS Fixed Site – The X-MADIS FS (fixed site) is a compact, tripod-mounted C-UAS system that provides full-spectrum protection against hostile sUAS. The system includes radar, optics, and a jammer for protection against sUAS threats. The system is suitable for critical asset protection, public event security, and transport network security.


X-MADIS Mobile – X-MADIS Mobile is mounted to a vehicle to provide ease of transportation between facilities. Ideal for missions that move from one facility to the next, the system includes radar, optics, and a jammer.


X-MADIS On the Move – The X-MADIS OTM (on-the-move) is ruggedised to provide reliable and effective C-UAS operation while the system is in motion. The system is ideal for maritime asset protection, combat force protection, and VIP protection.

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