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Field-Proven Fully Integrated Systems for Counter sUAS

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Enhanced Protection Against sUAS Threats

Field-Proven Fully Integrated Systems

The eXpeditionary Mobile Air Defense Integrated System (X-MADIS) is a powerful full-spectrum counter small unmanned aerial system (C-sUAS) to effectively combat one or multiple sUAS. AVT Australia is the regional supplier of the X-MADIS for customers in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.  

The X-MADIS is a proven fully integrated counter small unmanned aerial system (C-sUAS) system for reliable protection against hostile sUAS and drone swarms. Incorporating radar for detection, a multi-spectral imaging system for positive identification, and an electronic warfare system for defeat, the X-MADIS provides a seamless and rapid kill-chain to combat hostile sUAS. The X-MADIS is tailored to suit the needs of the customer.

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