AVT Australia is the leading supplier of gyro-stabilised imaging systems, innovating the future of ISR and target acquisition

Imaging Systems

Our Imaging Systems deliver the highest performance of imaging capabilities for the lowest size, weight, and power (SWaP). By reducing SWaP, our imaging systems allow for a wider range of applications, increased flight time, and improved reliability for mission success.

CM62 Micro Gimbal

CM234 Gimbal

CM142 Gimbal

CM202U Gimbal

CM262 Gimbal

CM262M Gimbal

The CM62 Family is MAVLink Compatible

The CM62 Micro Gimbal family is compatible with MAVLink for quicker and easier integration onto your platform, saving you time to focus on the more important things.

To make things even better, autopilot and payload can be controlled from the same tablet to make managing your mission even easier.

On-Gimbal Automated Object Recognition as Standard Feature on CM62 Gimbals

On-gimbal object recognition speeds up decision making to allow the operator to focus on the important things, therefore reducing operator workload and increasing mission autonomy.

This feature highlights both stationary and moving objects, such as people, vehicles, aircraft, and boats, on screen for easier recognition during an ISR mission. The CM62 sets a new standard in ISR payloads by combining the CM62’s high-quality imagery with automated object recognition in an IP67-rated 260g payload.

All processing is performed 100% on the gimbal, with no additional hardware required. As a standard feature on the CM62, there is no additional cost.


The eXpeditionary Mobile Air Defence Integrated System (X-MADIS) is a powerful full-spectrum counter small uncrewed aerial system (C-sUAS). The X-MADIS detects, locates, tracks, identifies, and defeats single or multiple sUAS threats.


AVT Australia provides VEXOS and field-upgradable firmware to ensure your mission success. Our software is designed with the operator in mind to ensure that it is easy-to-use and reliable for mission execution. Our CM62 gimbals also come with on-gimbal automated object recognition to reduce operator workload and increase mission autonomy.

On-Gimbal Automated Object Recognition

Video Exploitation Operator Suite (VEXOS)

CUAS Suite Software

Counter-UAS (CUAS) Suite

Awards & Certifications

About AVT Australia

AVT Australia is a leading supplier of lightweight, gyro-stabilised imaging systems for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) and target acquisition operations. Recognised for our expertise in advanced engineering services, AVT Australia is a trusted supplier of imaging solutions for our Australian defence customers and international customers, with systems supporting operations in over 50 countries.

AVT Australia is proud to contribute to strengthening Australia’s sovereign industrial capability through our Australian designed and manufactured systems. By partnering with reliable Australian industry partners, AVT Australia leverages a local supply chain to deliver cutting-edge surveillance systems to our customers. 

AVT Australia is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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AVT Australia Supports Soldier On

AVT Australia Supports Soldier On

AVT Australia is pleased to announce it has signed the Soldier On Platinum Pledge to provide support to veterans and their families. In collaboration with the Soldier On Pathways Program, AVT Australia is able to provide support to the veteran community by offering...

AVT Australia Launches New CM62 Variants

AVT Australia Launches New CM62 Variants

AVT Australia is pleased to announce the launch of two new CM62 variants, a Tri-Zoom EO configuration and an Extended LWIR configuration, to offer increased multi-domain flexibility without sacrificing the superior ISR capabilities of the CM62 Micro Gimbal.   The...