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Trusted to Enhance the Future Warfighter


The CM234 marks the next generation of imaging systems for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), and target acquisition operations. To deliver superior capabilities in tactical unmanned aerial system (TUAS) operations, the CM234 combines 7-sensors in a 4-axis stabilised, compact system.

Product Specifications

  • HD EO Wide & Narrow
  • MWIR
  • SWIR
  • Laser Range Finder
  • Laser Target Designator
  • Laser Pointer
  • 4-Axis Stabilisation
  • Sub 6.5kg Total Weight
  • IP67 Rating

Product Description

The CM234 Spitfire is AVT Australia’s latest innovation in aerial imaging systems, which has been selected for incorporation into the Land 129 Phase 3 program to support the Australian Defence customers. The CM234 will deliver advanced ISR and target acquisition capabilities to the Australian Army during tactical unmanned aerial systems (TUAS) operations.

Product Features

Enhancing the Future Warfighter

With seven sensors, the CM234 will deliver long-range ISR capabilities at day and night, and in all-weather conditions and environments. The CM234 includes high definition electro-optical (EO), mid-wave infrared (MWIR), short-wave infrared (SWIR), a laser range finder (LRF), a laser target designator (LTD), and a laser pointer.

Accurate Detection and Identification

With 4-axis mechanical stabilisation, the CM234 will deliver highly accurate detection and identification of an object at maximum zoom. This will facilitate long-range DRI, allowing the warfighter to gather more information, whilst maintaining a safe stand-off distance.

Long-Endurance Operation

To facilitate long flight endurance and maximum operation, the CM234 weighs under 6.5kg and has a low power draw, keeping the TUAS in the air for longer.

Suitable Missions

  • Aerial ISR and Target Acquisition
  • Border Protection
  • Force Protection
  • Search and Rescue
  • Force Protection

Standard Features

AVT Australia's imaging systems include the following features as standard

  • Multi Sensor Streaming

    Multi Sensor Streaming

  • Onboard Video Encoding And Recording

    Onboard Video Encoding and Recording

  • Object Tracking

    Object Tracking

  • E-Stabilisation


  • Roll Stabilisation

    Roll Stabilisation

  • Scene Steering

    Scene Steering

  • GEO-Lock


  • ITAR free

    ITAR Free

  • Designed And Developed In Australia

    Designed and Developed in Australia

  • Command And Control

    User-Friendly Command and Control

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