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The Future of Maritime Surveillance


Designed for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), and counter UAS operations at sea, the CM262M combines 4-sensors in a 16kg gyro-stabilised system. The CM262M has an IP68 rating for endurance in high-heat and humid conditions that are experienced at sea.

Product Specifications

  • HD Electro-Optical (EO) with 30x Optical Zoom
  • SWIR
  • Laser Range Finder
  • 16kg Total Weight
  • IP68 Rating

Product Description

The CM262M is an advanced marinised imaging system that delivers superior maritime surveillance capabilities for improved situational awareness at sea. With 4-sensors, including high definition electro-optical (EO), high definition mid-wave infrared (MWIR), short-wave infrared (SWIR), and a laser range finder, the CM262M delivers accurate imagery to enhance the operator’s maritime surveillance system.  

Product Features

ISR at Sea

The durable CM262M incorporates high definition electro-optical (EO) imagery, high definition mid-wave infrared (MWIR) imagery, SWIR and a laser range finder in a compact, 16kg payload.

All-Weather and Environment

The CM262M has an IP68 rating for reliability in all-weather conditions and environments, facilitating greater flexibility in deployment and operation.

On-the-Move Performance

Incorporating AVT Australia’s latest onboard video processor, the CM262M delivers innovative capabilities on-the-move.

Suitable Missions

  • Maritime Security and Patrols
  • Maritime Asset Protection
  • Border Protection
  • Law Enforcement  
  • Search and Rescue

Standard Features

AVT Australia's imaging systems include the following features as standard

  • Multi Sensor Streaming

    Multi Sensor Streaming

  • Onboard Video Encoding And Recording

    Onboard Video Encoding and Recording

  • Object Tracking

    Object Tracking

  • E-Stabilisation


  • Roll Stabilisation

    Roll Stabilisation

  • Scene Steering

    Scene Steering

  • GEO-Lock


  • ITAR free

    ITAR Free

  • Designed And Developed In Australia

    Designed and Developed in Australia

  • Command And Control

    User-Friendly Command and Control

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