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Innovating the Future of Australian ISR & Target Acquisition


AVT Australia is committed to the highest levels of excellence in the design, development, manufacture, and support of advanced multi-sensor imaging systems. We are passionate about providing superb products and services to our customers and empowering our employees to excel.


To be the company synonymous with producing the most desirable ISR systems.



A Hero   |    To do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.

Passionate and Tenacious   |    To never, ever, ever give up.

Humble   |    To be confident in our ability but humble towards the task.

Quick, but Don’t Hurry   |    To execute with precision and accuracy.

Embrace and Drive Change   |    To always be one step ahead of our customers.

A Positive Team and Family Spirit   |    To be respectful but fun loving.

Open and Honest Relationships with Communication   |    Debate is encouraged as we hold each other accountable.

Pursue Growth and Learning   |    Our highly trained and experienced employees drive company success.

Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded   |    We dedicate time to innovation.

Small Details Make a Difference   |    Success is in the details.

A Proactive and Inclusive Mindset   |    We take ownership of the big picture.

Customer Valued Service   |    We strive to deliver first class services to our customers.

Strive for Excellence   |    We pursue to be one percent better everyday.

Our Commitment To


Australian National Security and Defence Customers


AVT Australia is committed to serving our Australian national security and defence customers by conducting the full spectrum of operations locally in our offices in Australia. This includes the design, development, manufacture, test, and support of our technology. We engage with our customers throughout the lifecycle of a product to ensure our technology is fit-for-purpose for the mission at hand and future-proofed for the modern battlefield. As part of our commitment, we leverage a reliable local supply chain and work with Australian industry partners to deliver mission critical capabilities in intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR), and target acquisition.


Our Commitment To


AVT Australia seeks to enhance the capabilities of our industry partners by delivering the highest performance in surveillance capabilities, for the lowest size, weight, and power. We work with our partners to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions that will enhance the end-users’ capabilities in the field.

Team AVT Australia

Local Supply Chain

With a strong focus on supporting our local supply chain, AVT Australia partners with reliable Australian
companies to deliver innovative surveillance solutions for our customers.


AVT Australia provides support for key communities in Australia to further support the Australian defence industry. 

Our History

Since 2009, under our brand UAV Vision, the company was launched to deliver high performance imaging systems for integration into UAVs and lightweight aircraft. AVT Australia has grown to become a leader in the fields of aerial imaging systems, portable land surveillance systems, counter UAS optics and maritime surveillance systems. AVT Australia has become recognised for its expertise in gimbal development, having secured several Defence Innovation Hub (DIH) contracts to develop cutting-edge ISR systems for the Australian Defence Force (ADF). We are proud to design and develop technology in Australia, for Australia.

Team AVT Australia

Our Presence in Australia


West Melbourne
VIC, 3003, Australia

Australia Capital Territory

ACT, 2601, Australia

New South Wales

Port Macquarie
NSW, 2444, Australia