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Help us create the future of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) imaging systems. If you are interested in applying for a job at AVT Australia, browse the current opportunities below. We are always looking for new talent to join our team and would love to hear from you.

Senior Electronics Engineer


Ongoing Openings

For all ongoing position openings, please email your CV to

Mechanical Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Control Systems Engineer

Embedded Software Engineer

Manufacturing Technician

Payload Operator

Computer Vision

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We are continuously expanding our talent pool across all departments to deliver world-leading technology capabilities to our customers.


Our ISR imaging systems are supported by a multi-disciplinary workforce, with teams in systems, mechanical, and electronics engineering; embedded and high-level software engineering; machine learning and artificial intelligence; computer vision; and control systems engineering.

Business and Operations

Our employees are passionate about delivering superior capabilities and supporting the mission of our customers. Our ISR solutions are supported by teams in operations, production, and business development.

New Grads and Interns

We are committed to supporting the innovators of the future. As part of this commitment, AVT Australia has registered work experience programs with universities across Australia and supports students through part-time and casual work.

Working at AVT Australia

Being at the forefront of ISR imaging systems, we offer an exciting, fast-paced, and rewarding work environment. We believe that to deliver excellence, we must foster a positive and collaborative work culture.


We are committed to innovation that provides our customers the ability to complete their missions with success. Our dedication to advancement and excellence team-wide allows us to develop leading field-proven ISR solutions for our customers. 

Promoting Collaboration

Collaboration is at the core of everything we do at AVT Australia. The close integration between our engineering disciplines, R&D, and production teams is an essential part of our ability to succeed. Company-wide collaboration brings together individuals from different backgrounds to encourage us to approach our systems from a variety of perspectives to create the most reliable product for our customers. We are committed to driving innovation through collaboration.

The team at AVT Australia

Diversity and Inclusion

To be successful in delivering innovative ISR solutions, we strive to be a place where people with different backgrounds, identities, and experiences work collaboratively to enhance our capabilities. A diverse and inclusive workforce encourages us to approach challenges from a variety of perspectives and empowers us to find the best solutions for our customers. Our team comes from a wide-range of experiences, including academic doctors, industry experts, retired military veterans, graduates, and interns. We proudly support organisations focused on employment and support for veterans, as well as organisations which aim to advance STEM education for students.

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