CM62 Micro Gimbal

Designed for integration into small uncrewed aerial systems (sUAS), the CM62 Micro Gimbal is an innovative multi-sensor gyro-stabilised imaging system for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) operations. Now with on-gimbal automated object recognition, the CM62 empowers the operator to detect and identify targets with greater precision for mission success.


Situational awareness at day and night – Combining high-resolution electro-optical (EO) capability with 50x zoom, and long-wave infrared (LWIR) with digital zoom, the CM62 delivers long-range intelligence both day and night.

260g total weight – With on-board video processing and a compact total system weight of 260g, the CM62 keeps payload weight low to enable longer flight duration. On-board video processing features include object tracking, scene tracking, roll stabilisation, e-stabilisation, multi-sensor streaming, and H.265 encoding, enabled with advanced Altitude Control and GEO-lock control functionality.

On-Gimbal Automated Object Recognition – AVT Australia’s on-gimbal automated object recognition speeds up decision making to allow the operator to focus on the important things, reducing operator workload and increasing mission autonomy. This feature highlights both stationary and moving objects on screen for easier recognition during an ISR mission.

Reliable Operation – For reliability in all-weather conditions and environments, the CM62 is ruggedised to an IP67 rating.


  • 260g total weight with onboard video processing and on-gimbal automated object recognition
  • Compatible with MAVLink
  • EO with 50x zoom
  • LWIR with digital zoom
  • Rugged Aluminium Design with an IP67 Dust and Immersion Protection rating
  • H.265 & H.264 Encoding
  • ITAR Free

Suitable Missions

  • Aerial ISR and Target Acquisition
  • Border Protection
  • Force Protection
  • Law Enforcement
  • Search and Rescue
  • Emergency Response
  • Bushfire Management
  • Wildlife Management

The CM62 Family is MAVLink Compatible

The CM62 Micro Gimbal family is compatible with MAVLink for quicker and easier integration onto your platform, saving you time to focus on the more important things.

To make things even better, autopilot and payload can be controlled from the same tablet to make managing your mission even easier.

CM62 Configurations

Tri-Zoom EO

The CM62 Tri-Zoom configuration is designed for situations when enhanced EO imagery is required for daytime operations. The Tri-Zoom EO configuration has an intermediate lens for enhanced mid-range performance and a longer focal-length narrow lens, resulting in more pixels on target compared to the standard CM62 configuration. The system is configurable to either a single stream continuous zoom or dual stream.


The CM62 Micro Gimbal combines high-resolution EO and LWIR capabilities in a miniature 260g system. The CM62 incorporates on-board video processing to provide high-quality imagery and on-gimbal automated object recognition to speed up operator decision making. For reliability in all-weather conditions and environments, the CM62 is ruggedised to an IP67-rating.


The CM62 LWIR+ configuration is designed for situations where extended standoff distances are required, allowing the operator to maintain a safe stand off distance while achieving long-range DRI. The LWIR+ configuration has an 18° HFOV, resulting in 84% more pixels on target than the standard CM62 configuration.

Standard Features

AVT Australia’s imaging systems include the following features as standard.

Multi-Sensor Streaming

Onboard Video Encoding and Recording

Object Tracking


Roll Stabilisation

Scene Steering


Designed, Developed, & Manufactured in Australia

User-Friendly Command and Control

Pre-Sale & Post-Sale Technical Support

CM62 Image Gallery

Industry Recognition

The CM62 has received industry recognition for its innovation and capabilities.

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