AVT Australia Launches Independent Website

28 September, 2021, Melbourne

AVT Australia has announced the launch of an independent website. The new site has been developed as part of AVT Australia’s initiative to provide an improved user-experience to its key customers and partners. 

The website incorporates customised content, a modern layout, and ease of navigation. Visitors will have access to the latest company news and announcements, and can seamlessly browse the company’s range of products and services. AVT Australia encourages visitors to explore the new website at www.ascentvision.com.au.

A key focus of the website is the careers page, where AVT Australia will host upcoming career opportunities for local Australian talent. As leaders in Australian developed lightweight gyro-stabilised imaging systems, AVT Australia is continuously expanding its teams across all departments, offering career opportunities for individuals of all experience, including industry professionals, academic doctors, retired military veterans, and graduates. As a strong supporter of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), AVT Australia hosts work experience placements, internships, and ADF secondment opportunities. To find out more, visit the careers page at www.ascentvision.com.au/careers.

AVT Australia is a leading supplier of lightweight, gyro-stabilised and multi-sensor imaging systems for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, and target acquisition operations, AVT Australia has been recognised for its expertise in advanced engineering services and has become a trusted supplier of imaging solutions and software development for its Australian and international customers. Its systems are supporting airborne, ground and maritime operations in over 50 countries.

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